Below is a list of products I want, or changed/new features in existing products

  • In game recording/streaming should also record voices in group party


  • Have the ability to choose priority of auto fill when you have multiple accounts for a single URL (currently alphabetical or order added priority) You can sort of achieve this with the “favorite flag”


  • When splitting a window or making a new tab, the new window or tab would already be on the working directory. WISH GRANTED


  • cmd + tab needs to be faster. I have no idea why its so slow.
  • contacts: adding to and from “groups” is horrible in its current state
  • imessage: photos should be built into imessage just like iOS messages. Currently I have to open photo booth to take a photo from my computer and move that photo over to imessage to send it.

OBS Studio

  • Default value for container recording should be mp4 or matroska NOT flv


  • Set up notifications to see changes for specific files or directories
    • ie, I may not want to get notified for all changes to a project but perhaps only to certain files


  • throttle torrents after a certain bandwidth cap


  • Without addons or plugins, change the import delimitter from card to card (can already change the delimitter from front to back)

New Product Ideas

  • A script that can convert wikipedia pages (or any text) into flashcards based on sentence structure regex matches (probably takes some AI work here)


  • Putting in a different screen unlock password will take the user into a faulty operating system.

  • Custom TV - a database for all video files. Video players randomly iterates through your videos and based on your criteria plays the videos.
    • could either be playing randomly or based on some order
    • if video was embedded in a web based browser, youtube video URLs could be incorporated in the database

  • Photo/Video reminder. Database of all photos and videos. Database contains meta data about who is in the photos/videos (possibly with facial recognition)
    • sends photos and videos to people IN the photos based on criteria via email
    • Email for each person gives options to change notification preferences.

  • A platform to make micro donations to many different charities, ie I can donate $5 a month, and it will be dispersed to many different organizations of my choice. Make donating easier!