Favorite Projects:

  • Anki Flashcards - powerful open source flash card software
  • Camelcamelcamel - an Amazon price tracker. Tells if you the deals are real.
  • DEF CON Media Server - lots of cool free stuff about hacking from Defcon
  • - a commercial free internet radio
  • Music for Programming - A free music site that consists of white noise and sounds to enhance your programming experience
  • OBS - OBS Studio is excellent software to do video recording and live streaming. Great license, great software.
  • rclone on Github - an awesome tool to help back up your data to cloud storage providers
  • youtube-dl on Github - a tool to download almost any video off the internet


  • Bigger Pockets - a Real Estate community with a great podcast and active forums
  • Hacker News - a forum for techie people to discuss the tech news
  • Linux Academy - a great way to learn about Linux